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Destiny 2 Public beta

The destiny 2 beta in a nutshell.

The beta was fun but very short, i do understand that it is only a beta but there in my opinion not enough to decide to preorder they full game. Also the first mission “home-coming” is really fun and thought out giving you all new perspectives then in the ” First” Destiny. A neat idea is the new take on a skill tree. ┬áthe rest of the beta is two different PVP matches and a strike. about two hours long.

Overall i really enjoyed playing it and look forward t the full game

Two trailers to the game


mine craft

me again

just want to let you my followers to tell me about mine craft


my thoughts on it is that it is very cool and all of you guys should get

you can get it on pc mac apple and x box


there is a game called hobo it is a game were you have to go through the town

there is a another one out you have to break out of jail it is a lot of fun


see all of you next time and remember stay boss

Pixel gun 3d is boss

I am back and better than ever

I am loving this new update for pixel gun 3d
All of you on iPad ,iPhone, iPod and iPad mini I highly recommend it
I give it a five star review

All you pc version users bad news you can not get this game

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