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Destiny 2 Public beta

The destiny 2 beta in a nutshell.

The beta was fun but very short, i do understand that it is only a beta but there in my opinion not enough to decide to preorder they full game. Also the first mission “home-coming” is really fun and thought out giving you all new perspectives then in the ” First” Destiny. A neat idea is the new take on a skill tree.  the rest of the beta is two different PVP matches and a strike. about two hours long.

Overall i really enjoyed playing it and look forward t the full game

Two trailers to the game


Skyrim elder scrolls

this is my second game review and it is on Skyrim a rpg game that u can explore join the army but a thing that makes it different is it is in the midevil era so no gun or lasers there is bows, magic and melee i give it a 8/10 because the distance and the wight limit on your charecter.

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This is my first ever game review and it is on MW3 witch is acronym for Modern Warfare 3 over all i will give it 8 out of 10 because one the campaign/special ops difficulty does not actually  change how hard they bad guys are just how much damage they do. Second i felt  the campaigns “collectables” witch is a piece of intel that are hidden in different parts of the campaign. But they are ether super easy or immposible